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Car Charger 3.4A (WP-C05-Conqueror, 3USB) Black – WK

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Car Charger 3.4A (WP-C05-Conqueror, 3USB) Black – WK

Car Charger 3.4A (WP-C05-Conqueror, 3USB) Black – WK

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Car Charger 3.4A (WP-C05-Conqueror, 3USB) Black – WK

Special feature

  • USB Slot: 3 slots
  • Charger socket: 2 slots
  • DC voltage 12V-24V
  • Can be used to plug in. Total power not exceeding 120W.
  • USB Slot 3.4 A Total Power
  • Real-time LED display shows voltage and current.
  • Can be placed in a car conveniently placed on the glass.
  • Can check the battery status of the user's car battery.
  • There is an open switch Unused power supply can be turned off to prevent surges.
  • Technical information
  • Input: DC12V-24V
  • USB Output 1-2-3: 5V-3.4A (MAX) Supply current according to the device.
  • Just plug the Car Charger into the car's power outlet, it can use the USB slot at all if you want to use the expandable channel. Need to press the switch to activate.
  • You can check. The voltage of the car battery you have by looking at the LED display before starting the engine, the voltage should be 12V-13V after the start should be 13V-14.8V is considered lower than 12 V is considered lower than the voltage. base

Inside box

  • Car Charger 3.4A (WP-C05-Conqueror, 3USB) Black – WK


•             Three Months replacement Warranty for device functionality but should be in original or Normal condition not broken, fired or Damaged. For more detail sea terms and conditions


Car Charger from WK Smart Phone Manufacturer from Hong Kong Standard Worldwide Exporter Good quality adapter to increase durability, durability, high quality interior materials. To optimize the charging

Point channel amplifier there are two channels and three USB Charger for your problem with the dot is not enough to use the equipment to increase the voltage DC 12V / 24V, so many devices can be used in the car simultaneously, such as bleach. Air Charge your mobile phone, camera, car kit, MP3 player. FM has a real-time LED status display that monitors the battery status of the user's car.


Car Charger 3.4A (WP-C05-Conqueror, 3USB) Black – WK

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